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Auto Fastener Rivet 435 PCS

Fastener rivet set is the perfect replacement tool for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota and many other cars. It is also fit for other cars if size and shape match with the original one of your car. 


Nylon Material: Fastener rivet kit is made of high quality nylon. Nylon is a kind of synthetic material characterized by its vibration-resistance, wear-resistance and heat-resistance.

19 Most Common Sizes: 19 most common sizes and 5 pieces of fastener removers.We also offers you non-slip and shock-proof EVA sponge-cushion and push mount cable ties for your convenient.

Portable Case: All fasteners clips are packed in a high quality and portable plastic box with a specification label. It offers two sturdy locks that hold the lid of the box tightly to prevent unexpectedly overturn or spillage of the contents.

Fine Workmanship: All fastener rivet kit is of great workmanship. The surface of fasteners clips is smooth, which will make your replacement easier. Clear thread without burr makes them sturdy, and ensures the good effect of using.

Package List:

55 x Weatherstrip Retainer
35 x Fender& Bumper Shield Retainer
40 x Weatherstrip Retainer
30 x Square Screw Nut
30 x Hood Insulation Retainer
30 x Fascia Retainer
25 x Retainer
20 x Push Type Retainer
20 x Retainer
20 x Push Type Retainer
20x Trim Panel Retainer
20 x Push Type Retainer
15 x Fender& Bumper Shield Retainer
15x Trim Panel Retainer
15 x Push Type Retainer
10 x Trim Panel Retainer
10 x Grille To Metal Stamping Retainer
5 x Bumper Retainer

10 x Bumper Fastener

5 x Fastener Remover

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