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Car Emergency Kit

XOOL car emergency kit is ideal for extreme weather such as fog, heavy rain, snow, dust and windy day. It is convenient for you to organize and store them with the bonus portable bag.

High Reflectivity:XOOL warning triangle is of high reflective. Made of highly reflective material and with uncountable hexagons on its surface, XOOL warning triangle provides a high visibility for other drivers and motorists at night.

Stability: With premium rivets, metal base and anti-skid rubbers, XOOL reflective triangle is sturdy and stable enough to prevent from being toppled over by high wind or passing vehicles.

360° Visibility: Bright color and horizontal reflective material on front and back make this roadside vest highly reflective and 360° visible. It reflects light effectively and secure your safety.

High Quality: Made of premium material and with workmanship, XOOL reflective vest is more durable and comfortable.


Material: Reflective Warning Triangle: Plastic, Oxford Cloth and Metal

Reflective Safety Vest: Draw Texturing Yarn



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