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LP Whiskey Stones Set of 8(silver )

Professional quality: Chills your drinks faster and keeps It Cooler for Longer. Steel Cubes Won't Dilute Your Drink Like Ice Will.
Attention to detail: A Professional Tongs with Non-Slip Rubber Sleeve to put cubes into glass.Includes Plastic Storage Box, Better than Pouch for Frozen and Storage in Freezer, To Keep Them Clean and organized.
Protection: Finely Rounded Edges Prevent your favorite Glasses Scratching Or Breaking. They're also Tasteless, Odorless and Non-Porus
Convenient & Easy to clean
A perfect gift: For your friends and family members on any occasion who love to drink wine..

Safe(non-toxic) & Use persistent & Convenient
Safety and environmental protection, designed to be reusable--with durable and high quality stainless steel material.
The biggest advantage to use stainless steel ice cubes, is to have your drink not diluted by the traditional ice cubes. A nice thing to have during summer.
We offer plastic storage box. It is superior to competitor's cloth pouches; keeps the product colder and organized. A practical & elegant & affordable gift for many occasions.
These chilling cubes will not get your drink as cold as ice. But they sure do not dilute your drink either!

How To Use:
Keep Warm/Cold Drinks Cold.
Please wash stones before first use.
Place stones in freezer for 4 hours or more.
When ready, add 3-4 frozen cubes per drink and enjoy.
To clean--only rinse with warm water and air dry.

Package includes:
8 x Stainless Steel Chilling Cube
1 x Storage Box

1 x Tongs



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