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Phone Ring Stand(Silver)

LP Phone Ring Stand is compatible with all smartphones and tablets that have a flat and non-textured back surface. It can be adjustable at an angle of 360 degree, any angle as you like.
Grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating phone and taking picture. Good for watching movie and playing music.
The outward appearance is fine, color many kinds. When you're outdoors, hang your fingers and you could flip your phone to the back of my hand and pick something else up

Super Strong Adhesive & 360 Degree Adjustability & Universal Compatibility

The dock is designed like a cone for stability, but the design also lets you rotate the unit 360 degrees. This allows you to adjust your phone into a multitude of positions. Great to use in your car / on your desk or table / at home / at office. And super strong adhesive magic durable reuse portable cellphone stands.

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