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LP Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

•[Digital Blood Pressure Monitor] High accuracy reading with easy-to-read backlit LCD
• [Balance Wrist and Portable]Easy to use and comes with an instructions and hard case
•[User] Suitable for the elderly who are in patients with hypertension or heart disease especially
•[Memory function] Store measurement values automatically machine will store pressure and pulse number everytime after measurement,at most 99 groups of number.

To get the most accurate results when testing: •Put the cuff on in the right place as per instructions, on your wrist. •30 minutes prior to testing don't eat, exercise, smoke or drink alcohol. •While testing sit in a relaxed position with your feet straight in front of you and your arm If you want to measure repeadly ,please take a rest for 4-5 minutes every time after you have finished last measurement . Normally ,the second time will be more stable than the first one, so the pressure will be lower .For the people who are easy to be nervous, second measurement is valid .Often we take the second measurement result.


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